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Month: December 2018

Sleep and I are not friends.

Posted in Mental Illness, spinning, and writing

One of the shitty things about mental illness is that it fucks with your ability to sleep like a neurotypical person. For me, this means I either sleep for twenty hours, or for two.  Last night, for example, I slept from 11:30pm until 2am, then again from 3:30-4:45am.  It’s now 1am and I’m not even tired.  It’s annoying as fuck.

But at least I’m being productive.  I’m writing fiction for the first time in almost 20 years.  It’s fanfic, but it’s still fiction.  A few of my favorite writers in the fandom have left positive comments on the story I posted today, which felt amazing considering how many years it’s been since I successfully penned a story.  I got very positive comments in general, and I love every last one of them.  I’m saving all the notification emails to read when I get depressed.  :)

I’m also working on a spinning commission.  Someone asked me to make a sweater quantity of handspun.  After a false start, it’s been going pretty well.  (The dyer used the wrong base for some of it, so I’ve had to get her to ship me the right stuff.  I’ve spun some of the wrong stuff, and it’s going to make great sock yarn.)

So yeah.  Going to try and read a little and get some sleep.  Soon.  Don’t think I can yet, though…

This poor zombie blog…

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I write things.  Years go by and I delete everything and start fresh.

I don’t know how much I’ll post here, but I wanted to get the site running again because social media seems to be in an upheaval and I wanted a stable place for people to find and contact me.  So here we are.

At the moment I’m single and plan to stay that way; start school in the spring for computer programming (I have a BA in psychology, but that and a dollar won’t buy a cup of coffee), and spend my free time spinning, knitting, and occasionally writing fanfic.

So… hi.  Again.