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Last update: Feb. 20, 2021

I live in north central Florida, and have been a Floridian for most of my life, despite a few years in south Florida, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.  I’m a bookworm, a feminist, a budding socialist, a science geek, and a chaote.  (Those last two aren’t incompatible, I swear.)  In the past I’ve been a writer, editor, and computer programmer.

Computer programming is still something I do a lot.  Despite this website looking ugly, I’m quite good with WordPress.  I’m just not a graphic artist.

I do a lot of fiber/textile arts stuff: spinning and knitting, mostly, some weaving.  I started playing cello in August 2015, and that’s a great deal of fun.  When I can I hike and cycle, but those are limited for health reasons.

I am a non-binary transgender person.  Preferred pronouns are they/them.  I’m pansexual, but usually just call myself queer because it’s easier.  (And because I prefer women…) I have schizoaffective disorder and OCD, and they make having a full-time job impossible for me.  So I’m on disability, live with a family member, and do little short-term WordPress jobs for very small businesses.

My favorite colors are purple and olive drab.   I don’t really like long walks on the beach or candlelight dinners.  (I prefer forest trails and being able to see my food.)  I prefer cats to dogs, and pie to cake.  I would be lost without my cell phone.  I don’t watch much TV or many movies, although there are things I like.  I just never think about turning on the TV.  I love reading non-fiction — usually weird histories or science books.  I like German Expressionism and Surrealist art.  My favorite philosophers are Bertrand Russell, Jean-Paul Sartre, and Viktor Frankl.  My least favorite philosopher is Plato.  (I can rant for ages about Plato and what he did to science.  Don’t get me started.)

Music is a big part of my life.  Like I said, I’m learning the cello.  Irish trad is a favorite to play, and when I grow up I want to play with The Pogues.  I listen to a lot of “alternative” (read: non-classical) cello music, like Cello Fury and Primitivity, in addition to classical pieces.  I also dig contemporary non-classical violin, like Black Violin and Lindsey Sterling.  Other, non-strings, favorites: Covenant, Nick Cave, The Cure,  Bauhaus, KMFDM (up through the “Adios” album, anyway), and 80’s alternative like The Smiths, the Violent Femmes, and R.E.M..  There’s a ton of other stuff.  You may have noticed there’s not any female artists on that moderns list.  While there are lots of women in music that I like, I’m have an addiction to male baritone voices.  I don’t think men make better music, I just enjoy deep voices a lot.  Also, I’ve been a goth for since I was twelve.

As I said, I read a lot.  Some non-fiction authors I like are Mary Roach, Victoria Finlay, Bill Bryson, Kay Redfield Jameson, Simon Singh, Simon Winchester.  Occult writers: Phil Hine, Grant Morrison, Rachel Pollack, and… Remind me to update this bit.  Fiction writers: Neil Gaiman, Rudy Rucker, uh… I don’t read a lot of prose fiction, but I do like fanfic (and write it, too).

Okay, shutting up now.  If you’ve made it this far, I applaud you.  I talk too damn much!

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