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Magickal focus

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My friend Rorie Kelly has a podcast about witchy stuff. I suggested her last topic: finding the practice that’s right for you. She did a great show on it.

She also posted the list of things to consider to her Patreon (the post is free to the public).

I just did the ten-question exercise, as I’ve been feeling spiritually stymied as of late. I really feel a strong need to work with ties to the past. Not my past, but humanity’s in general. I feel the most connected to the world when I’m doing something people have been doing for hundreds if not thousands of years.

I’m thinking folk magick. Even though a particular practice might have evolved, people have been doing certain types of basic things since the beginning of human consciousness.

Also, animism. Get in touch with the genus locii. Not so much the spirit of the city, but that of the land, and of the myriad of ancient live oak trees that are everywhere here (including right outside my apartment; there’s a massive one that they left alone when they build the apartment complex). Take some nature walks. (I do love hiking, anyway.)

I’ll try it and see how it feels. I am, at heart, an existentialist, and I don’t believe life has any overarching meaning or purpose beyond what we make it. I can’t believe in all-powerful deities, either. So maybe small magicks are the way to go for now. Feeling connected to humanity at large is as holy as I ever feel, and I should work with it.